Covenant Schools rely on partnerships, volunteers, and donations in order to provide the best possible education for our students. Please join us in this cause and support education in Myanmar.

Giving Opportunities

CIS Scholarships

Covenant Schools were founded to deliver affordable, high quality, faith-based education to the middle class in Myanmar. We want as many students to be able to participate in our programme as possible, but not all families can afford international school fees. Please join with us in monthly support for sponsoring a student or giving to our scholarship fund to support needs-based scholarships for students.

School Projects and Development

2016 - Founded
2017 - C Block renovated and extended to create D Block.
2017 - E Block renovated.
2017 - Sports complex built.
2018 - Promise School Mingaladon opened as a second campus.
2018 - E block renovated with a second storey.
2018 - Administration office expanded.
2019 - Extended play area.
2019 - Parking area and student pick up zone.
2020 - New library and science lab.
2020 - New library and science lab.
2020 - Larger primary classes.
2020 - New kitchen and snack area.

CIS has grown from 63 students and a handful of classrooms to two dozen classrooms with full facilities for teaching international curriculum across a broad range of subjects in five short years. We are still growing, and whether you want to support a new campus, another location, or a special project we have great opportunities to join.

Please contact us for more details on giving or service opportunities: